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Premium Juicepearls Kiba 200 grams

Premium Juicepearls Kiba 200 grams

197,96 zl

zzgl. 23 % UST exkl.


Air lounge air couch with bag blue

Air lounge air couch with bag blue
No. d\'article:6782
74,32 zl
zzgl. 23 % UST exkl.
EAN/PZN: 4250230367824
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
Minimum purchased quantity 3 pieces
100% Polyester, Size 170x75x50cm, color blue

Additional Item Description:
1. high quality Polyester fabric
2. easy carry, small folding size
3. suitable for indoor and outdoor
4. customized logo free printing, sample available

A brand-new product: Hangout. This inflatable furniture can be used as an alternative for a hammock or can seat 3 people (like a couch). It's extremely comfortable, weighs only 1300 grams and can be folded to the size of a bag of crisps. Easy to take wi
th you to the park, the beach, in pool or sea or a festival! You don't have to pump air into it (you just scoop the air) and it's ready to use in less than a minute. Imagine what our parks would look like if everyone brought their own hangout!

How to use the Air lounge:
Took out a black roll up objects from the sewing bag, then hold it and shake. You only need two scoops of air and you're ready for relaxation. Close the Air Lounge ogening at side finished. No external pump needed! The Air Lounge is great for those long
hiking trips … hanging out at the beach or the park… sunbathing in your backyard ... Or at a favorite outdoor festival!

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